Model Railway Digital (DCC) Loco Decoder Fitting Service

Morris Models are pleased to offer a service fitting DCC (Digital Command Control) decoders (“chips”) to OO/HO and N Gauge locomotives.


Scale of charges  The following charges are in addition to the cost of the supply of the decoder – & loco!


1) Locomotives fitted with DCC sockets - which require no modification to have decoder fitted directly into a socket pre-fitted to the loco by the manufacturer.

a)                             Loco supplied by us at time of fitting:     7.50            

b)                            Customer’s own loco:                        10.00


2) Locomotives not fitted with sockets – simple conversion (including most recent Hornby & Bachmann) involving a simple rewiring of the pickup connections and installation of a standard decoder

a)                             Loco supplied by us at time of fitting:     15.00           

b)                            Customer’s own loco:                        17.50


3) Locomotives not fitted with sockets – more complex conversionincluding older locos, split chassis locomotives (eg certain older Bachmann locos), locos with restricted space requiring modification to accommodate decoder. 

a)                             Loco supplied by us at time of fitting:    20.00            

b)                            Customer’s own loco:                       22.50


4) Sound Decoders – simple conversions OO/HO gauge locos etc – our price allows for minor conversion in order to accommodate decoder and speaker.  If upon inspection more extensive work is required, we reserve the right to charge a higher charge – but this will only occur after consultation with and approval of the customer. Some locos may not provide adequate space for a sound conversion – in which case, no conversion no fee.

a)                             Loco supplied by us at time of fitting:    37.50            

b)                            Customer’s own loco:                       40.00


5) Sound Decoders – N gauge locos etc – please contact us for advice regarding the fitting of sound decoders to specific N Gauge locos, multiple units etc – many smaller locos are unsuitable for sound installations – we can provide an estimate in advance for those N locos etc that can accommodate a decoder and speaker.


Purchase your new loco with DCC decoder fitted for you before delivery!


You can now order your new loco with a DCC decoder already fitted via our on line secure web shop – see our webshop



Customers own locos:

Please contact us before sending a loco to us so we can discuss and advise upon suitability for conversion and an appropriate choice of decoder.


When sending a loco to us for conversion – you must include the following information:

1)      Your name and return delivery address, daytime telephone number, email address

2)      Details of the loco – scale, manufacturer, catalogue number, loco type and version

3)      Your DCC operating system

4)      Payment details (credit card, cheque etc

5)      Any specific requirements for the conversion (we cannot guarantee to be able to be able to comply with all requests, and will contact you to discuss any variation before the work proceeds)


Please note our terms and conditions regarding decoder fitting service


Prices apply to locos collected from our shop.  If the loco is to be posted to the customer, our normal postal charges will apply.


The customer is responsible for ensuring locos reach us safely without damage.  All models should be either delivered by hand to us or forwarded well packed via an insured service to appropriate value.  We are not responsible for any damage or loss incurred during delivery to us


We do reserve the right to charge a higher fee should after inspection the work involved prove more extensive.  Customers will be advised of any higher charge and approval requested before the work proceeds.


All decoders fitted must be purchased from us at the time of fitting – we will not fit customer-supplied decoders – even if they have been previously purchased from us.


We prefer to fit decoders to locomotives supplied direct from our stock at the time of fitting, but are pleased to fit decoders to customer’s own locomotives for a small extra charge.  All locos will be tested on our analogue test track before we agree to fit a decoder.  If the loco is in anyway faulty, we reserve the right to decline fitting a decoder unless the fault is rectified first.  Fitting the decoder will not rectify pre-existing defects! 


We can offer a general repair service for customers locos at additional cost – charges vary according to work and parts required.


We will advise if the conversion would require extensive modification or if the in the opinion of our engineer, is not suitable for DCC conversion before any work is undertaken and at no charge. 


Decoder installation will invalidate manufacturers warranties (except plug in decoders in locos fitted with sockets).


Fitting a decoder to a Valuable or collectable item will mean that the loco cannot be described as “original” or “mint”; this is likely to adversely affect its value.  Customer will be deemed to have accepted this in requiring us to fit a decoder in such locos


In some cases of some steam tender locos, it maybe necessary for the decoder to be located in the tender of locos with the motor in the loco or vice versa requiring the loco and tender to be permanently connected.  This is likely to prevent the loco fitting the manufacturers original box and packaging.  We will advise the customer in advance should this arise and provide suitable protection to delivery the loco back to the customer. 


Certain multiple unit trains (eg Bachmann Virgin Voyager) may require the fitting of more than one decoder where the unit is fitted with directional lighting.  The following charges apply to each decoder required.


Customers should advise us when placing the order which DCC control system they are using in order that we can advise on the most appropriate decoder for the loco.


We will notify the customer when the model is completed and ready for collection / delivery. Payment is due within 7 days.  Invoices unpaid with 30 days shall attract interest at the installers current rates.  Where models are not collected or unpaid after 6 months, the installer may dispose of the item without liability to the customer








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