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The following Bachmann OO Scale British model steam locomotives are currently available

Note: This list was updated 6 May 2009.  We have many additional locos in stock and receive all new models as they are released. 

Please contact us if you are looking for any items not listed below – and watch our new secure online shop where additional stock is gradually be added.

Price – excl postage

Great Western Railway / BR Western Region


0-6-0PT Class 8750 BR 9753 Black L/Crest


Sold out


0-6-0PT Class 8750 BR No 4666 Weathered  Black L/Crest


Sold out


0-6-2T Class 56xx Tank 5658 BR Lined Green L/Crest


Sold out


2-6-2T 45xx Tank 4569, BR Lined Green L/Crest


Sold out


2-6-2T 45xx Tank 4573 BR Black early Emblem (Weathered)


Sold out


2-6-0 Class 43xx 4377 BR Green Lined L/Crest


Sold out


4-6-0 “Hall” Class 6937 ‘Conyngham Hall’ BR. Green Late Crest


Sold out

Southern Railway / BR Southern Region


2-6-0 “N” Class 31844 BR Lined Black E/Emblem Weathered


Sold out

London Midland & Scottish Railway / BR London Midland Region


0-6-0T Class3F “Jinty” LMS 7524 Black


Sold out


0-6-0T Class 3F “Jinty” – BR 47279 (early emblem)


Sold out


2-6-0 “Crab” Class 2715 LMS Lined Black


Sold out

London and North Eastern Railway / BR Eastern Region


2-6-2T Class VI No. 67601 (Secondhand)


Sold out


0-6-0 Class J39 BR No  64791 BR Black L/Crest Stepped Tender

Sold out

Sold out


4-6-2 Class A1 BR No 60130 ‘Kestrel’  Green Late Crest


Sold out


4-6-2 Class A4 BR No 60007 ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’ Single Chimney BR Blue, early emblem - weathered


Sold out

British Railways Standard classes


Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0 BR 75027 Lined Green L/Crest BR 2. Tender

Sold out

Sold out


Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4T BR 80136 Lined Black E/Crest Weathered

Sold out

Sold out


Standard Class 5MT 4-6-0 73158 BR. Black L/Crest BR. 1B. Tender


Sold out


Standard Class 5MT 4-6-0 73030 BR Black Early Emblem BR 1 Tender w/h pump



Standard Class 5MT 4-6-0 73014 BR Green L/Crest BR 1 Tender


Sold out


Standard Class 5MT 4-6-0 73110 ‘The Red Knight’ BR, Black Lined Late Crest BRIF Tender


For Bachmann British outline Diesel locos – see separate page

The above are available at the time of preparation of this web page, but please check availability with us before ordering.

New stock arriving – so we may also have items not listed above.  Please contact us with any specific requirements which we will order for you (subject to suppliers availability)

Please note that we do not currently offer on line secure ordering – if you wish to order any of the above, either telephone us with credit card details, or send cheque made out to “Models and Hobbies” by post.

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